Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Business Calls and Two Year Olds Don't Mix

I got two calls from my office yesterday while I was at home with Ben. Here's how they went:
Conversation #1
Me: Hi Chris, Do you think you could check out CheapTweet for me. I think they might be a good source for...oh, wait a second Chris.
Ben: Mommy my hands are sticky.
Me: Of course, your hands are sticky. You don't use your fork like Mommy told you to do.
(Chris patiently waiting for the exchange to be over)
Ben: I'm sorry Mommy for not using my fork.
Me: I'm sorry Chris for this I just....
Chris: Well, Jenn at least Ben has good manners.
Me: At least (I smile)...Ok where was I...Oh yes, can you look into that blah blah blah and get the address for XYZ client for me.
(Ben is now yelling and splashing in the background as I attempt to wash his hands)
Me: Sorry Chris I got to go can you just look into that and send me the email thanks.
Chris: No problem Jenn (in his mind I'm sure thinking that kid is a handful and you are the one that called me lady)
Conversation #2
Joyce: Hi Jenn, sorry to bother you but Tim wanted me to have you look at XYZ client's plan for approval
Me: Ok, Joyce you are going to have to give me a minute I was just about to walk out the door
Ben: Mommy get your coat on.
Me: Give Mommy one second
(Ben notices his toothbrush on the bathroom counter and wants it - I give it to him in hopes he will be quiet)
Joyce and I make changes to the plan.
Ben: Bruin I love you.
I turn around to look and see Ben brushing Bruin's fur with his toothbrush.
Me: Joyce you are going to have to hold on a second
Me: No, no, no Ben - you can't use a toothbrush to brush Bruin.
Ben: No Mommy!
Me: Please Ben, Please?!? Mommy needs to finish this call and we will go to the store and get you a gift now give me the toothbrush.
Reluctantly, Ben hands me the toothbrush and I hide it until I can throw out.
Joyce and I finish the plan with both glad to be off the phone.
Moral of the story: Ben and business just don't mix.

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