Monday, March 2, 2009

Party Animal

How do you celebrate the second birthday of your son? Well, you get about 60 friends and family together to party at the Turtle Back Zoo. And party, we did! With a tight itinerary and lots of help from family and friends, the day went off without a hitch. Feeding time started about 1:15 with everyone enjoying two 4 foot sub sandwiches, potato salad, tuna pasta salad and Cole slaw. And for the little ones the perennial staple, chicken nuggets. After lunch was served, we headed out to explore the zoo. From peacocks to a leopard to a GIANT pig, the expedition party got to see many animals that day. Benjamin even got to see a bobcat and porcupine two animals that weren't out the last time he was at the zoo that he has been consistently asking for all week.

After we visited the wolves and Ben did a dance by the black bear exhibit, we all headed to the carousel. Ben rode, what else, but the Okapi. The merry-go-round was a good time for the kids but the older folks (me included) got a little vertigo from the ride. In our defense, this was one of the fastest carousels I have ever been on in my life.

From the ride, we marched back for Birthday cupcakes where we were greeted by Yertle the Turtle Back Turtle.

Yertle joined everyone in singing "Happy Birthday" but soon had to head back to the Reptile House for another party later that day. With the goody bags given out and our final goodbyes said, we packed up the car and headed back home exhausted but completely happy!

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