Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby Crazy!

Before anyone gets too excited, when I titled the blog post "Baby Crazy," I was not referring to me but Benjamin. My son LOVES babies! Seriously, can't get enough of them. If a baby is in a room, he needs to be near that baby. He loves to kiss babies, tickle babies, look at babies, rub babies' heads (very gently) - you name it Benjamin wants to be part of the baby action.
Take for example the picture above with a few of Benjamin's third cousins, Ben had to be next to Baby Chloe for the picture. Not the twins who are more his age. Nope the baby of course! If it was a choice between a room of toddlers and a room of babies, Ben would always choose the babies. He is also fiercely protective of these little ones. When we were at a party, he was playing with Baby Nicholas and the baby's Dad who he hadn't seen up until that point takes the baby from his wife. Benjamin went right up to Baby Nick's Dad and said, "give that baby back to his Mommy!" Everyone in the room laughed except Ben who was adamant that the baby be returned promptly to his Mom.
As I look at Benjamin and see how much love he has to give, it gets me to thinking. Is a number two in our future? Only time will tell.

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