Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Memory Like An Elephant

Much to my chagrin I don't get to see my best friend as often as I would like. And it seems even rarer these days to get both families together, but we were fortunate enough to have one of those rare, wonderful get togethers over the Memorial Day weekend.

When I told Benjamin we were seeing Aunt Kristi, Uncle Mike and Michael. He looked at me and said, "I can't see Uncle Mike. He is on the boat." I had to think a minute and attempt to figure out what he meant by this statement. Not having much a memory these days, I then recalled that when Aunt Kristi did happen to come by a couple weeks back and asked where Uncle Mike and Michael were we told him on a submarine. Obviously having a better memory than I do these days, he recalled me telling him about the sub. Having been reminded by my 2 year old, I told him, "don't worry Uncle Mike and Michael are off the boat. You'll see them tonight."

I'm not sure he believed me but when he saw the two Mikes walk into the restaurant he was excited that they were finally off the boat!

However, I realized that my child now has quite a memory and not much is going to slip past him. Another example, when I showed him yesterday a car's "Cars," and said "oh you don't have this one," (keep in mind he has about 100 different ones) he told me "yes I do! it is at Grandma's." Guess what? He was right. The ole' "pretending it didn't happen" tool might not work that well these days. I believe a new parenting tool will have to applied here. Any suggestions?

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Kristi said...

Hey I just actually just read that! Somehow I missed that the last time I logged on reading June! Anyhow, good times... We better make more plans soon, You think it is bad now- wait until you become president of your company;)