Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Kelty Rides Again

In our very first blog, we talked about the purchase of a baby carrier (a quite expensive baby carrier). Because of its cost, we are determined (more Wally than me) to get our money's worth. The Kelty (the baby carrier) was back on another adventure this weekend. This time the Kelty took the Kamienskis up the NY Thruway to Cragsmoore, NY. What's in Cragsmoore I questioned the Kelty? Sam's Point of course! I have to admit I was skeptical at first. The weatherman on Channel 4 called for periodic thunderstorms throughout the day. I had an image of hiking and trying to find shelter for my one year old, husband and myself in an open field as the lightening began to strike but I was convinced to give it a go.
It took us about an hour and a half to get there and the weather didn't look very promising but we forged on. While on the hike up to Sam's Point, we were swarmed by gnats. Ben didn't complain one bit about the bug situation, but he did start harassing me for "crack-ers" in his southern gentleman accent (not sure where or when he spent time down south). When got to the scenic overlook with our new buggy friends (I think we even took some home in the Tahoe), we asked a gentleman to take our picture. He told us to wait he was trying to figure out if the birds circling in the distance where turkey vultures or something else (didn't catch what the something else was) but we found out they were turkey vultures because they had white tipped wings. While we sat there for about five minutes and I said forget it and started to head away, he turned around and said, "don't you want your picture taken?" We then had to hear several times our camera wasn't in focus. Finally, I said "it's okay just take the picture." By some miracle, it actually was a pretty decent picture of the Kamienski clan and Kelty.
We then decided to hit the ice caverns but got half-way down a very treacherous incline and I asked the team if we could abort the mission. Wally, Kelty and Benjamin agreed. We headed back to the parking area and went around a serene lake (or pond - I can never tell the difference) and walked along a path lined with wildflowers that Wally and I stopped and picked along the way.
Once we got back to the conservatory, we knew we had to let Benjamin roam free before putting him back in his car seat. I think I liked the conservatory best because it was bug free and because Benjamin actually got a chance to hang out with a few new friends - a lady bug, bear and eagle. What can I say the kid is a nature lover.
We headed back to the car all with more memories to share and loaded the Kelty back in truck to await another adventure with the Kamienskis.

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