Sunday, July 20, 2008

Coming Full Circle

It seems the Galasso family have always been a part of my family -- we've vacationed together, gone on day trips together and celebrated holidays together. So last Thursday, when I put the car in reverse to head to Sesame Place with my Mom riding shotgun and Mrs. G in the backseat entertaining Benjamin it was like my life was going in reverse. The last time I had been to Sesame Place I was in the back of the "Vern" van with the entire Baker and Galasso clan. Need I mention there were a few pair of gym socks pulled up to knees and fluorescent accessories all around. A flood of memories came back to me as we headed to Langhorne, PA. I think my Mom was feeling nostalgic too because she pulled out a pair of fluorescent sunglasses for the occasion (no really she did).
This time around I was the parent and I was meeting Richie Galasso and his wife and daughter. First of all, sometimes I find it hard to believe I am old enough to be a parent and I'm 35 but Richie little Richie how can he be the father of a little girl who is older than Benjamin with number two on the way. As we continued down the highway, I began to think how did I get here? Where did the time go? I've gone from being a twelve year old girl at Sesame Place to a mother at Sesame Place. Being a Mom, I find myself reflecting often on how quickly life goes by. Like a blink of an eye. I rembered the trip being longer (and so did Mom and Mrs. G - could it be because we were in a van that only went 50?) and there being more lights and a giant Big Bird head we walked through. Rich and I remembered there being more water slides and less wading pools. However, the cargo nets were still there and the punching bag maze -- something always remain the same.
We had the time of our lives. Ben and Rosie had a blast and I had even more fun watching them have fun. Like my first trip to Sesame Place my memories were wrapped up with my family and the Galasso family. The only thing that is different this time around is that we added two more players to the picture - Benjamin and Rosie and what a beautiful picture they make.
I think we will all agree while the last time we were all here it was a lot of fun this time around it was AMAZING. As we said our goodbyes and drove away (while threatening to leave my Mom and Mrs. G behind), I, how life has come full circle.

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