Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can You Say Mommy?

The first word Benjamin uttered was "Bru" for our dog Bruin. He then went on to say Dadda and Dad and Daddy. From there, he's vocabulary has expanded to include words like Grandpa, Grandma and Nanny. He can also say hi and goodbye, truck, car, rock and duck. Oh yes, there are others like Jaguar and Elephant. You are probably asking the same question many have asked me, "can he say mommy?". The answer breaks my heart each and every time, "no." Now my incredible husband and loving Mother, Father and brother and even best friend Kristi have told me "he says it Jenn." But, I haven't heard it not like he calls his Dad when he yells for him down the hall "Dadda, DAD!". I know, I know - it will happen. And I know the comments that will be left in response to this blog, "the sound an M makes is very hard to learn" or "my child didn't say it until he was about a year and a half" but it still doesn't stop it from hurting. I cried to Wally about it this morning and I guess this was a good place to get it off my chest. Of course, in my mind, I think "oh, he doesn't love me as much" or "he doesn't know me because I work too many hours." I know these things are not true but I waited so long to have Benjamin and be a Mom. I just want to hear these words yelled down the hall at me. I do take comfort in one fact, my Grandmother will always tell the story how Benjamin uttered (actually screamed) his first word on the day he was born and that word was "Ma". I loved hearing it then and I can't wait to hear it now. I just hope it is soon (for my own sanity and those around me).
(This post is dedicated to my friend Nadia - WE ARE GOOD MOMS)


Fran said...

not to worry - believe ME - the day will come when he calls mama -
and your heart will overflow with joy- Heck I had to wait until Julianna was 3 and now listen to her ! Love Franny

Anonymous said...

Jen, he does say mama i have heard it haha His eyes light up every time he sees you that says it all :)

Kris said...

It is so amazing to me that babies know just what to do to break a mother's heart. It kills me that I will ask Rosie for a kiss and she will shake her head and scream "no!" Then she will run to anyone else and give them big hugs and kisses. It also kills me that she finally said "I love you" - and it wasn't directed at me. No matter how many times a day I say it, she won't say it back to me. They know how to rip our hearts out - but they also know how to make our hearts burst with happiness! The trials and tribulations of being a mom.