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NJ Moms Retrospect: Oh Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea!

Author's Note: While I try not to swear around Ben, he does like to say, "for the love of the god" now. Yes, I will try harder...
January 01, 2009
Oh Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea!
My language has sometimes been described as that of a trucker. Yes, Orbit definitely needs to clean this dirty mouth up from time to time. I have been known to throw my share of f-bombs in inappropriate situations and receive not so-approving looks but F-it I love to swear. Shocking really since I came from a household of curse-free kin. On the other hand, maybe that is why I feel the need to swear so much because I had been repressed all those years from using my favorite four letter words. Now that my son Benjamin has become Polly Parrot I have once again started to watch my language more carefully but every now and then it just escapes from my mouth before I can stop it.
In an effort to work through my problem, I've started to use G-rated phrases like "oh rats" and "darn it" when I am around Benjamin. However, a few weeks back while holiday shopping I fell off the wagon and said "Oh, S.ugar, H.oney, I.ce, T.ea" and I'll give you one guess who repeated my phrase. And of course, my husband Wally was there to witness. I got a lot of, "nice job Jenn" and "oh, and you thought it would be he would learn bad words from." Okay, Wally - yes it was me who f---ed up. You happy? You self-righteous P.I.A.
With the incident a distant memory, I thought the situation was a-one-time-only deal that at least he wasn't repeating it constantly or worse yet repeating it in front of others. Friday my son proved me wrong. Two days before Christmas our furnace exploded and we needed to replace it (Guess what I got for Christmas this year?). The furnace was running fine but as I was preparing dinner on Friday night I heard the sound of water then turned around to see water pouring from a pipe in the kitchen. I screamed for Wally. In each room we went, there was water EVERYWHERE!!! Even in the midst of the mayhem I didn't swear but as I was heading into the basement with Ben in tow to see if my husband needed any assistance with the furnace I saw yet another pipe leaking and said, "oh no!" The next phrase you heard didn't come from Wally but our 22 month old son "Oh, S.ugar, H.oney, I.ce, T.ea!"
We didn't reprimand him for swearing, because as Wally put, "he used it correctly and it was a Oh, S.ugar, H.oney, I.ce, T.ea! moment." Yes, Benjamin I couldn't have said it any better myself.
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