Wednesday, August 19, 2009

An Af"fair" To Remember

If you ever happen to meet my Mom, you might want to ask her about her experience at the Pennsylvania County Fair. She'll probably tell you how we stayed with her sister-in-law's sister and that there was pig slop in the corner of the kitchen and how fly strips hung from random spots on the ceiling. She might even tell you how she got to witness a demolition derby. But the thing she will definitely mention, after telling you her tales of horror, is that the only reason she did and survived her personal hell was because she loved her kids - much of the same reason I do certain things today.

In order to fully take on this parenting role, Wally and I decided to take Benjamin to the Sussex County Fair, not the official "state" fair but after experiencing it first hand I am petitioning for it to be. The day started with a ride on the Busy Bee then onto the Super Slide. Next Benjamin spotted the Dizzy Dragon, which Wally bravely ventured with him on (more about that in a separate post).

Feeling a little dizzy, we next went to watch the goat and sheep judging. There were some fine specimens to choose from that day and Benjamin chose our "Best in Shows". Next we headed to the Holstein tent then on to bunnies and chickens. The smell of food got the group hungry and we started off with some fried pierogies then on to chicken strips (I know weird after seeing live chickens) and french fries. After our grease filled lunch, we headed to what else but the tractor trailer pulling contest!
Not knowing how we could top that, we checked out the equestrian venue then ShopRite's "Little Farm" for kids where I got a sweet tattoo of my favorite client and Ben got to ride a mini-tractor. Finally, we checked out some butterflies, hopped on a real tractor, watched cows being milked, played some games, drove a few Nascars (of course) and finished the day off right with some mini-doughnuts.

Maybe it was the fact that I didn't have to stay on farm, but as opposed to my Mom, I think The Kamienski family will be headed back to the fair next year.

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