Thursday, June 11, 2009

YUCK! Mud! What's A Girly Mom To Do?

I love my son more than life itself. I would do anything for him. And yes, I would stand in front of moving bus to save his life without hesitation. However, I don't like mud. You can throw in the dry stuff too - dirt - I don't like that much either. The problem is Benjamin LOVES dirt and mud. If I let him, he would spend all day with a few trucks and a pile of dirt. I try to discourage this practice as much as I can but I can't keep the child away from his passion.

While most thought I was better suited to raise a girl, my now amateur palaeontologist and construction connoisseur status have changed many a mind. Instead of playing with Barbies and having tea parties, my days are spent reading books about bugs and watching Disney's Cars. I love all things boy but I can't get over the dirt thing. Why the obsession with dirt boys?

Don't get me wrong I get right in there and play in the pile of yuck, but not as much as I get into playing with toys that are clean like plastic gorillas and plush dogs.

Why do I hate dirt? Here are my top reasons:
  • Dirt under the nails (impossible to remove from a 2 year old's fingernails)
  • Dirty toys (that Benjamin then insists on bringing in the house that I have to clean in the tub that also gets dirty)
  • Dirty clothes/shoes (not only his but mine - so many clothes/shoes ruined - I hate dirty shoelaces)
  • Dirty dog (eventually Bruin gets in on the act and inevitable the dirt ends up in our bed)
  • Dirty floors (the absolute worst - it seems I am cleaning the floors every single day - reason #54 why Jennifer needs a maid)

Why do I tolerate this? Why do I live with the dirt? The dirty truth is that I can't resist that face (even when it is full of dirt)!

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The Temporary European said...

I want to see a picture of you playing in the dirt! I agree about hating dirt under the fingernails and dirty shoelaces.
Pretend you are getting a mud bath or mud masque, then maybe it will be more fun??

At least your name isn't mud! :)